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Soap Parcel - FREE GIFT

These adorable little packages contain a mild translucent soap with a beautiful 'English Rain' fragrance.  Wrapped in antiqued sheet music, tied up with string and finished with a pretty rose.  Quirky and pretty and a very beautiful Free Gift!

1 free gift per order, whilst stocks last. Order of £40 or more before P&P.  Also available to purchase:


It is always great to receive a free gift, especially when you have paid for something, but there is another free gift you can receive without having to pay anything.  The gift I am talking about goes far deeper than anything we can buy from a website or at the shops; this gift is a gift of hope.  It is help when you are feeling helpless, strength when you feel like giving up and laughter when all you want to do is cry.  This gift is not from any person, but a gift from God and He loves you enough to step right into the middle of your circumstances and help you today.

The bible says that God will ‘save to the uttermost those who call for His help’.  He wants to help you with your marriage, your children, your job and your health.  Maybe you are just feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff going on in your life right now!  God can be a comforter to you and even be a ‘friend that sticks closer than a brother’.  All He asks of you is to come to Him with simple believing prayer and He will meet you there!

Why is this gift free?  Because Jesus paid for it in full for you and for me.

Perhaps you need help?  The bible says that the help you need is available for you today.  If you would like prayer, we have a team of people waiting to pray for you.  We believe in the power of prayer and would like to support you in your situation.  Please be assured that All information shared is kept completely confidential and that no names or contact details will be given out.  OR If what you have read here has impacted you in any way and you would like more information about Jesus, please fill in your details below or go to our Customer Services page and fill in your details: