M T Cross is a brand new company run by Matt & Beth Robins born from a passion and love of telling people about Jesus - and of T Shirts!! (read on and you will understand!). 

We already run a successful retail company called Oopsy Daisies (www.oopsydaisies.co.uk) which sells shabby chic gifts, accessories and handmade personalised gifts and decided it would be great to be able to purchase shabby chic, up to date, cute and cool, personalised gifts with a Christian Theme and so M T Cross came about. 

Oopsy Daisies was run by Beth whilst Matt ran a family building business but at the beginning of 2012 God clearly said that it was going to be a year of new beginnings and just a few months later circumstances caused the family business to end!  It was obvious to us that for the new beginnings to start, God had to bring closure on some things first, and though a season like this can be difficult, it was also a very exciting time for us knowing that our lives were heading in a new direction with a new adventure together!  Matt has always loved funky, cool T shirts and found that wherever he would go his T shirt would very often strike up a conversation and would give him the opportunity to talk about God - this was a great tool as chit chat is not one of his strong points!!  So the idea of selling cool Christian T Shirts has been there for quite a while but we both knew it was in God's timing and for that moment we had to hold on to it and not act on it.  As soon as this new adventure began we knew that this was the right time and began to create M T Cross building a company that supplies Christian clothing & accessories, gifts and personalised gifts whilst spreading the good news about Jesus, supporting people in prayer and supporting other people's dreams and adventures and so for the last few months we have been busy designing and creating!

We still have lots of ideas, designs and new products to come but we hope you will find a good selection of products now and will keep visiting us and taking this journey with us!

Thank you for being interested and we hope you have fun looking at our website!

Matt & Beth x